When You Trust God

Have you ever come up against an evil that you know you will never overcome? It is both too subtle and too great for you to prove, and you are constantly pushed into a more and more passive resistance of it. Active resistance just makes you look a bigger and bigger fool, or worse: that you are participating in that evil. Here is an example – you see a person or group of people that need some help. This help is that appears to be within your abilities, so you move to do it. Then you find out that the reason the people are helpless is because they are trapped in a web of deceit and oppression against them from other persons who are truly evil. You are already committed, which means you find yourself set up to be cruelly attacked and oppressed for defending the helpless. The evil ones are not going to let them go. You feel completely trapped, and worse, no matter what you do now, it will have no effect. Your wheels just keep spinning, and you sink deeper and deeper into the muck of the situation.

Every Christian at some time makes the mistake of thinking he can personally counter evil. Jesus Christ, however, says otherwise. He has already handled the matter by dying on the cross, then defeating death and rising fro the dead. The job he gave us to do is to love our neighbors just as we love who we are in Christ. Help “widows who are truly widows”, that is, persons who have a provable need. We are to also help orphans in their distress; these are persons left without any family or friends. These helps are based on our relationship to them in Christ. It means giving practical and emotional support to other Christians. It means you pray for them, that God will provide for them, and if he says you are the instrument of that provisions, obey immediately.

Now, about helping those who are not members of the Body of Christ, he also has a lot to say about that. You can find much information in Matthew 5, 6, & 7. Has someone used you? Pray for that person to receive Christ. Then you can be reconciled to each other! The hurt will be gone! Is someone mean and nasty but has nothing to eat? Feed that person! Overcome him with the kindness and compassion of Christ! Is someone trying to destroy you just because you have reached out to help victims of that someone’s enmity and jealousy? Love that person as you love the victims. Pray for them. Talk with the Lord about them and rely totally on his Spirit to fill you with right words and actions.

No more trap. You have the victory, and best of all, lives will be changed for the best.

For more understanding, read Psalms 34, 35, and 36. Then read Psalm 37 as the fresh air of what God will do for you and for the helpless and even those who will not receive him and be changed. Be encouraged in the Lord.

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