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Election ’08

Responsibility in an election of leaders is an awesome experience. In the United States of America, we have the right and the privilege of choosing who will represent us in government.

In three days, our nation will elect leaders starting at the national level right down to townships and hamlets across the land. 

Christians have greater responisbility in this matter than any other citizen. The United States was formed and founded by God’s design, with initial settlers and leaders being men and women of God who knew Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. These people sought the Lord diligently to make certain His will was the driving force of making this nation come alive. Since these people were living under extreme hardship and wilderness conditions, it was probably a lot easier for them to stay focused on God than it is in our present culture.

If you are a Christian, you know it is easier to follow Christ when you are down than when you have plenty of food on the table and can work from nine to five weekdays and watch football all weekend. Perhaps the Lord has a reason for allowing great financial stress in this country just before a general major election. If we will turn to Him and seek His mind on whom to elect, then USA can regain its righteousness, under God. If we are fat and lazy, we will seek to elect the candidates who promise greater welfare and less work.

The most intense issue of this campaign, however, is not money. It is the righteousness and morality of America. You have not heard this discussed very much in debates or particularly the news media, except for the rampant assumption that change means allowing what God calls sin as acceptable behavior. Do you want to put your money into taxation which does not allow you representation, because a few special interest groups would control the government? Christians are not radical extremists to be stomped out so fornicators and murderers and haters of Israel can have their way. Christians are the backbone and providers and main body of worker bees of this nation. 

THINK what God will do to an America where His people chose against Him out of some kind of emotional reaction to any particualr candidate, regardless of that candidate’s moral stand. Do you really think He will let a nation He designed for His purposes to go unpunished when it seeks to rebel against Him in every way? 

The present election is a choice between pleasing God and pleasing men. Research what all candidates you must consider are saying. Do they love God, or do they propose changes which demostrate their disregard of Him? Even at the local level, this is important. Town councilmen may have an ungodly agenda which ripples out to your county, state, and nation. 

Search the scriptures if you are unsure what God thinks about a subject. Don’t assume anything. Pray about everything. Ask the Lord what He would have you do, and LISTEN and OBEY what He says. 

We are on the edge of change, no matter who gets elected where. Let’s obey God and be certain we have participated in the changes He would bring about. We must PRAY that men and women are elected who will seek the Lord.

God bless you as you pray and vote.


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