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Praise Is Serving the Lord

Do you serve the LORD in your local church?  In Psalm 135, there is some instruction for people who serve in the house of the Lord. People who stand in the courts are included in this instruction! So if you are just a pew sitter, stand up and do what God commands. First, we are told to PRAISE HIM, because He is good.

As a musician, the next instruction gets close to this writer’s heart – “sing praises unto His Name.” Another way to say this is to celebrate God’s wonderful Name with music. You can croak like a crow with no melody and still have music in you. Did you know that? It is there in your spirit, because God made everybody with this ablility to praise Him with music. Why do you think the masses rise to their feet when Handel’s Hallalujah Chorus is played? Or the Battle Hymn of the Republic? Because a person commands us to do so? Rather, it is because the music praises God, and man must praise God with music.

Psalm 135 goes on to describe God’s greatness and some things He has done which emphasize that.

Then  the psalmist slips in this word concerning God’s servants – God will judge His people, and repent Himself concerning His servants. He has compassion on those who serve Him.

Praise the LORD today. Worship Him. Celebrate His Name with music. Can’t sing? Sing anyway. And the next time you go to church, serve the Lord. Greet somebody in His Name. Talk about the greatness of God instead of the weather. And lift up your heart and your hands in praise and worship with the music.

Praise the Lord!


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