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Dependency Issues

Have you ever been the caregiver for either a young child or an elderly adult? Take a moment and remember how much time this responsibility required. Did you become a slave of this person’s need for attention? Yes, you are remembering how hard it was sometimes to even leave the room! Your entire personal schedule, including meals and hygiene, got wrapped around this other person’s life. More than this, you were constantly barraged with questions and comments. You might try to sit down and read a book, for example, and you were immediately discerned to be “not busy.”  In the other person’s eyes, that meant you were at their disposal completely. You begin to feel like commanding your time and attention is an obsession, and you can’t escape it.

People are made to be with other people. Because our earth-born nature is totally selfish, the people who look to us for help can go way overboard. 

When we are born from above, believing Jesus Christ to be our Savior and following Him, we look to Him for everything instead of to other people. Think about this: there is no “too much” in going to God for everything. We can never go overboard in looking to Him for every need. His time and attention is totally ours. Our Lord is focused on us! He knows how many hairs are on our heads – consider that our hair is always falling out and changing, so He must really be paying attention. 

Right now, God is watching us and enjoying His job! He longs for us to seek Him out, and He is never off trying to catch a break. He never needs to leave us alone to go take a shower. He has all the time He made to listen, give, help. The Lord is my shepherd, says Psalm 23:1 – our 24-hour caregiver. He is filled with light and truth and will likewise fill us. His gaze is always on us. If we get confused or wander away,  He can see all things and lead us back to Himself, and we do not fear being alone. Our amazing God!

Praise the Lord!


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Keeping Safe

The life that we live in Christ can be filled with danger. The envy of unbelievers will move them to cause trouble. Satan loves to stir up their envy as much as he loves attacking our minds and bodies personally.

The one thing to remember is that we are safe in Jesus. He is greater than all the enemies put together. His love never fails toward us. His love never fails toward the people who hate us. We can love them with Christ’s love and pray for them to turn away from their sin and be saved. Then they will become our family and we will rejoice in their salvation now, and rejoice with them in heaven. 

I would rather have a safe friend than a deadly enemy, wouldn’t you?

For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13

When confronted with an enemy, call upon the name of the Lord.  If He says run, then get moving. If He says speak, then repeat the words He gives you out loud. Whatever God says to do, believe that He is operating according to your best interest, and your enemy’s. 

Now, before you expect attack and deliverance, please be prepared. Be surrendered to God so that you can hear Him speak and pray for discernment in all circumstances. Right now –

Lord, we give everything to you today. Our hearts and minds and bodies are Yours and we praise you for your loving watch care over us. Thank you for sending your angels to guard us and minister to us. Bless our enemies and those who persecute us. Give us wisdom and discernment in dealing with them. Whatever you say to do, Lord, we will do this day. You are our joy and our crown. We pray in Jesus’ Name.

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The Ant and the Foolish Women

Once upon a time there was an ant who believed the only thing it knew how to do well was work. It toiled from early morning until late at night to bring food to the anthill, storing it up for the colony. The ant was totally diligent and focused on this task, not looking aside to see what was going on anywhere but in its chosen path. Fortunately for this, the ant lived under a large picnic table in a national park, so food to gather was plentiful.

All the time the ant was shuffling crumbs to the anthill, a large group of foolish women was gathering in a nearby parking lot. They planned to use the ants’ sheltering picnic table, and they HATED ANTS. No one knows why they hated these harmless, hardworking insects. Their hatred was reasonless and pointless; very prejudicial and unjust. They did not fear the ants, which might have offered some excuse.

Well, the women gathered and the ant continued to toil. Finally it noticed the deep shadows gathering above and around the table. It tried to hurry faster in its work. No point in trying to see what the shadows really were – too much work to do. In fact, the ant felt threatened but didn’t understand why. It just kept going, doing its thing, until . . .

What do you think happened to the ant.

Have you ever focused so intently on one path that you completely missed what was going on around you? When danger threatens, do you miss it’s advance until too late to avoid it?

Here is what God says: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5&6.

The ant could have looked up when it felt threatened. That feeling was it’s creator, the Lord God, warning it of danger. Looking up, the danger would have been seen, and safety sought and received by looking all the way to God.

We should always look to God, in trouble or in the daily work. He has provided a Rock for our refuge from anything that would crush us. The Rock is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Look to Him now and ask him to save you.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus), that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16


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