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The Work of Prayer

Have you ever needed to pray for someone and it is plain hard work to do so? You know that lifting the other person up before the Lord, pleading on their behalf is exactly the right thing to do. You want to do it, but there are so many hindrances, and you don’t know if you can wade through them all to get to praying. You have to go to your job, or do some chores at home. A neighbor drops by and seems depressed so you don’t want to excuse yourself immediately and end the visit. You receive a letter or email that you think should have a quick response, but you can’t find the right words and it takes a long time to write an answer. Eventually, you find yourself pouringĀ  a cup of coffee and sitting down for no reason. Been there? Done that?

These interferences all seem to be acceptable priorities – except maybe the coffee! How can you get to where you need to be to pray?

To begin with, my friend, God is your first priority. Your day will be a lot smarter all the way through when you put the Lord first. Worship HIm, seek Him, study his Word, and let Him know that you are His for the day, no matter what. It may be that He will impress you to pray for the needs of others right in this first-fruits time of the day you are spending alone with God. It may be this is time for you and Him alone, and He will provide another time for intercessory prayer later. However it happens, let the Lord arrange your day from beginning to end.

When Jesus Christ the Lord is your priority, everything else you have to do flows from His arrangement. Your spouse and family are next, and then your church family, and your work. Some people preach that “ministry” comes right after family, but you will find that everything you do is truly ministry when you are properly focused. The light of Christ will shine from you while you are praying, and while you are doing menial tasks, and while you are enjoying a meal with family.

Our God is good. He wants you to have an orderly life. He created us to know Him and because we will always slide off the right path without His guidance, we must accept His direction for each day.

I am ready to get to work for the Lord; are you?


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