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Priority of the Heart

Do you have trouble prioritizing? Do you feel that you are going in circles without a door to get out and move forward? The book of Proverbs offers you direct instruction from God how to stay on the path that will get you somewhere.

Proverbs chapter 4, verse 23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.”

That is very clear, isn’t it? First things first: guard your heart. Everything else you do is going to be affected by what is in your heart.

How do you guard your heart? Obviously, we can do this, or God would not have told us to do it.  Here are some tips:

1. Give your heart to Jesus, God the Son, for safe keeping. He died for you, to pay the price for your sin and give you eternal life, and He rose from being dead to prove that death is defeated. He is with God the Father now, praying for you. Who is better to keep your heart safe?

2. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and don’t try to figure everything out. See Proverbs 3:5  When you are constantly analyzing your thoughts and emotions, and other people’s thoughts and emotions looking for what they mean, you will only get snarled up and confused.  Apart from the Lord, emotions reflect only circumstances, and circumstances change constantly. God never changes. His ways are consistent with everything He says.

3. Let your heart be open to new input from the Word of God and learn to hear His voice this way. When you read scripture, listen with all your heart to what the Lord is saying. Our minds can be closed to new insights because we have been taught certain things, but God wants us to hear Him with our spirits. The way to do this is to keep an open heart. Then ask God to apply what you hear to your mind and your daily life.

4. To guard your heart from evil influence, regularly put on the whole armor of God. See Ephesians 6:10-18

Now, you are walking in the wisdom of Proverbs 4:23 and guarding your heart as best you know how. Now rest in the truth that your Lord and your God takes full responsibility for every step you take today  as you have placed yourself in His care. Your priorities are in order!


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In the Heavenlies

The power of God raised Jesus Christ from death back to life and now Jesus is with His Father in heaven. Ephesians 2 says very specifically that believers, followers of Jesus Christ, children of God, are also seated with Christ in the heavenlies. This is the new life that no one has apart from Christ.

New life is not the pay for what your’ve done,

It comes to you through faith in God the Son.

The grace of Him who caused you to believe

Has made new life a gift that you receive.

Today,  be still for a time and comtemplate the power of God. He can accomplish in you more than you would ever dare to ask or hope for. When you experience the love of Christ, and you will experience it if you take the time to be still and wait on Him, then God can fill you to the uttermost with His love and power. This is fullness of life in God.

How can you know when God has filled you? Some people experience emotion or physical sensation or neither of those. The one thing you can absolutely know is God’s filling is an impact of desire to give His love away to other people. It’s that simple. Your heart turned to God turns to His desires, and His desire is that everyone should receive and know His love.

God bless you today as you seek God’s fullness.

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Devotion to God

Have you heard the phrase, “daily devotional,” with reference to Christian living? Generally this phrase refers to a part of any day set aside for reading God’s Word, the Holy Bible, and praying to God. Often, it is in the morning because then the whole day balances on that point of focus.

Here is a question for you today: when you spend time devoted to God, are you focusing on him, or on the exercise of being devoted? The way to know God is by believing in Jesus Christ who is God incarnate; that is, he came to earth to die on a cross for your sin, that you are reconciled to God. After Christ died, he rose from the dead, and then ascended into heaven; some day he is coming back, too. Have you told God you believe this? He wants to hear you say it.

The next step is to learn from God by reading his Word, the Holy Bible.  It isn’t just another book. It is what God says, and you can trust both God and his word totally.  You already know you can’t trust people. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by me.” You can learn of God from his written word. In the Gospel of John we are told that Jesus Christ IS the Word made flesh and dwelt among us.

Published Christian readings or devotionals that you buy at a bookstore, or find on line, or listen to through other media may be helpful, but here is a rule of thumb about using them: does what you are reading or hearing point you to focus on Jesus Christ, on God himself? This is what God wants. If you are not pointed to him directly, then you are not getting to know him better. Just like getting to know a new friend. You can’t know that person by listening to what other people say about him or her. You have to interact personally. The Bible is God speaking personally to you.

Where do you get to know God first and best? Through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Bible, and then by speaking with him in your most private being. Most people call this you “inner chamber.” You can always meet the Lord there. If you are distracted or have difficulty meeting him, ask him to reveal himself. To each believer is given the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of God, and he lives right there inside of you to teach and help you with all things. He is praying for you and with you right now to understand these things.

When you know God, you will want to please him. Here is one way to begin: Meet him this hour in the inner chamber, and read some of his Word back to him. Let him know you are interested in knowing him better today. He will definitely make it happen. Pay attention!

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