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Love In Christ

Are you a follower of Jesus Christ? Is He your Lord? Do you search His Word constantly to learn His ways and then follow His way of doing things? Yes? Glory to God!

Think of this – Jesus Christ truly is God the Son who came to earth and lived a human life so He could die on the cross as our perfect redeemer. All the sin ever committed or will be committed was placed on Him so the penalty is paid and we can be free! The weight and burden of sin is lifted from every person who accepts and declares what Christ has done for him or her. We know we are not right without God. We KNOW it. So we reach out to Him as He draws us near and we tell Him we know how bad we are. Then we understand that He wants to forgive us, which is why Jesus came . . . and all is possible with God. Can you feel that in your heart today? 

Out of all His mighty creation, God chose us to be His children and know His love. In Ephesians, we are taught to grow into all the height and depth or God’s eternal love. The love of God is the power of God so that we can have love toward Him and toward each other. 

Relationships with other people can be very difficult because we want what we want, and that’s it.  This writer was recently reading a blog by a young person who had her own personal trinity syndrome going: me, myself and I. She couldn’t figure out why everything was wrong in her life and why she was so depressed and without motivation. She has plans to be married but feels lack of money is a hindrance to that. Then it came out that she already lives with the young man she hopes to marry. Are there no wise counselors for this young woman or her boyfriend? Where is the church? Where is the love of God coming through sanctified believers that reaches out to these confused young people and teaches them that God will not honor sin in any way shape or form? They will not have any good life or closeness to the Lord until they correct the entire problem, physical and spiritual, of living together outside God’s will. This is not a harangue on those poor kids. It is pity for them that their choices are leading to greater and greater devestation in their lives. Plainly, they need help from mature believers. 

We are the love of Christ to the world. We are the love of Christ in practical help to each other as well. That is an exciting job to do! Love others! Really love them with all of God’s power of love pouring through our hearts toward everyone. Jesus said to even love our enemies. (He loved his enemies.) He said, though, in His prayer in John 17 that He loved his disciples especially, even to the end of His life. Think how the knowledge of His love carried them through the tough weeks that followed His ascension, until they received the Holy Spirit and could know more certainly that their Lord’s love was still operating in them and through them.

We have the same Holy Spirit, who is a person, God. We have the same love connection. We can be like Christ in every way and He said we would do even greater things than He did because He went to be with our Heavenly Father. We who have learned this can HELP YOUNG PEOPLE IN TROUBLE WITH THE LORD, and teach them the ways of God.

Praise God! It is so exciting to think about. To lose the self mode and always be in God mode to help others. Who could ask for a better life? Need to get outside yourself today? Ask God for someone to help and how best to do that. Then be quiet and listen for and answer. You will surely get what you ask.


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