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Is This for You?

“Increased progress in grace is the result of greater consciousness of sin.” – Andrew Murray, The Prayer Life.

God, in his holiness, burns with hatred against sin, so do not deceive yourself that he will overlook the slightest offense.

Indeed, all deception is sin (satan is the father of lies), so deceiving yourself that God overlooks some things is a stroke against you in iteself.

Here is one common example:  you attend church on Sunday and there repent of some sins on your mind, which is the policy or rule for taking communion. You consider yourself clean and worry-free for another week. Those un-Christ-like thoughts and spoken words even as you walk out of the church are irrelevant – to you. Feeling holier than the scruffy person sitting just in front of you is irrelevant – to you. Gossiping about every other church attendee around the lunch table that day is irrelevant – to you.  Breaking the speed limit to get to a restaurant before the after church rush is irrelevant – to you. These things are completely relevant to God, and he is grieving over the hypocrisy.

Dare you mock God? Do not be deceived, brethren, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Galations 6:7. Your pretension of obedience and selfish delusions will lead to greater filth in your life. God says man is born to evil as the sparks fly upward. Job 5:7. Let me ask you this: did Christ die for you once a week?

In the foot washing event in the Gospel of John, chapter 13, Christ told Peter that he, Peter, had been washed, and only his feet were dirty. Apply this, Christian, to yourself. You are cleansed, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Now, how often, then do you wash your feet?

Well, how often do you physically wash? Once a week? Or every time your feet are dirty? In Christ’s time, men wore sandals and walked through dirt, dust, dung. The only Bible record we have of Jesus riding during his ministry years is when he rode the donkey into Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion. He WALKED among men, through all the filth of men and beasts in his path. His disciples walked with him. Think you they only washed their feet once a week, or maybe once a year at the Passover? (Some Christians only visit a worship service once a year.)

They washed every time they entered a house. Households had the custom of showing respect to their guests by providing for this cleanliness.

Think about this: your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 2 Corinthians 6:16. YOU ARE GOD’S HOUSE. Keep it clean. There can be no agreement between God and sin. If you want true communion with the Lord, 24/7, get washed up and stay clean. Read 1 Corinthians 10. If you partake of the cup of demons all week long, you have no fellowship with the Lord at all. And then you dare mock God by repenting on a day you choose?

Remember, when you are saved, by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior from sin, you are washed all over. You stay clean by “washing your feet.” Every time they get dirty. Know this, my loved ones, my dearest family of God, keep practicing washing up your feet, and after a while, you will avoid the filth in the first place! Jesus Christ was the sinless, SPOTLESS Lamb of God, slain for the world. You will become more and more like him in your cleanliness.


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