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New Life is Really New

Romans 5:2  Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of highest privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.

It is an awesome privilege to be brought into friendship with God.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God Most High came as perfect Man to be slain for us in our sinful state, so that we can accept His sacrifice on our behalf and enter into a right relationship with God. Psalm 102:27-28 reminds us that God is forever, and in Him, in this right relationship, we are totally secure forever. When everything else in creation passes away, we are safe. Yes, our own bodies are mortal and pass away, but God exchanges them for us with a new body so that we can be forever with Him.

This is the love of God!

Romans 5:10 confirms that as sinners saved by faith in Christ, we have friendship with God.. He died for us while we were still His enemies so we could know that we know we are okay with Him now. Our faith is real, and it has eternal results.

We are delivered from punishment, the punishment we deserve because of our sin, by the life of Jesus Christ. He lives in us now, believers, to keep our rescue certain and sure. God does not change, and He keeps us in His unchanging power. There is nothing of death and punishment we need to fear.

Some people trust God for salvation, and then continue to hold on to their punishment! They try to make their own new life in Christ as best they can. This is sin; denying that Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient for every piece of baggage you’ve ever loaded up.  A true friend of God acknowledges and relishes, with joy, that God is author and finisher of his faith. It is God who breathes life into us by His Holy Spirit. Apart from God, we can do nothing. We certainly cannot continue to carry or repair our pasts and walk the new life with God at the same time.

Are you holding on to a person,  place or thing, or even a way of thinking, because you assume it is your responsibility to live by that rule? You were there before you trusted God, so you think you have to deal with it, not Him. My friend, you are wrong. It is a wrong that you do not need to carry with you, hindering you and others around you from fulfillment in Christ. Do you want abundant life? Of course you do. And you know you cannot have it as long as you hold on to this obligation to an old way of doing things. Then surrender whatever it is to the Lord your God. His ways are higher than your ways. He will readily forgive you for hanging on to that injustice, and He will make things right for everyone who has been affected by your misery. In fact, seeing you change; the joy in you and firmness in your new step from your strengthening friendship with God will go a long, long way to helping other people be inspired by Him, too.

It is all God, and whatever we do in our own strength is just a false shadow of truth. For the just shall live by faith and not by sight.

Abraham was just some guy living in the area of Iraq. Nothing special about him. One day, God spoke to Abe and told him to pack up and move to Canaan, and God would make him into a mighty nation. Abraham heard this, believed it was God speaking, and did it.  We know he was a normal person because his failures are also outlined in the scriptures. Whatever God did for Abraham for a life of faith, God will do for you. His promise to Abraham was also His promise to us. We are the great nation, the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Without Him, we can’t do anything right.

Unload your baggage to God. He won’t load you up with any of that stuff ever again. His yoke is easy – He walks in tandem with you – and His burden is light.


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