God Almighty, Yahweh, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is above all else, the Holy One. Totally set apart and above all things. 


Any person who believes he can do anything to sanctify himself, to make himself holy, is deceiving himself. Only God is truly Holy, and only God can make a person holy. He so desires relationship with fallen, sinful mankind that Christ the Son came to earth to die in our place, for our sin, that we may be reconciled to God. When we confess that we are sinners and receive Christ’s sacrifice for our sin, the Holy Spirit comes to reside in us and begins the process of making us holy.

Sometimes I think we see the promises of God as temporary. For example, when I have a cold, I might take medicine for my cold. I know that in about four hours, that medicine’s effects will wear off and I will need to take more.  Some people see God’s plan to save us and then make us holy as a series of temporary medicines, and somehow we eventually heal up. This is just so not how God works. He gives us His promises in HisWord, such as, that He will never leave us or forsake us, and that He works all things together for our good – there are hundred of promises in the Bible. And God keeps them all! He never changes, and HE NEVER FAILS. His promises never fail, or grow weak, or mask our symptoms. He cleanses us completely when we are saved. Everything He has promised, He will do for us, and that includes making us holy. 

Be assured, that when you seek the holiness of God, you will receive it, and although you might fail, your medicine didn’t wear off. You only need to get back to God to get back into His holiness, righteousness, and truth.


Say, “Lord, I give you my life and this  “________________” right now. I don’t want it, because I’ll screw it up. You take it, and make me be who you want me to be. I know that is the perfect way. Thank you, in Jesus’ Name I pray.

Keep it up – you are doing great.


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One response to “Holiness

  1. people4people

    Wow!! Amen.
    God be with you sister, may he bless you in your ministry also. 🙂

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