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Being A Christian

You are a Christian . . . you have given Jesus Christ your heart . . . you understand that you have a whole new life . . .  but the “first love” of trusting the Lord has waned. Now what?

It is like falling in love with a person whom you marry and then have to work out that marriage in every day circumstances. There’s no doubt in your mind that you love your husband or wife and that your husband or wife loves you. You made a commitment and that’s that. However, it’s hard, hard work to be married and carry out that commitment to each other. Part of the problem seems to be that you are always trying to recapture those first days of overwhelming sky-high affection when you KNEW this person was THE ONE. But you can’t. What you see now is what you get, and it’s boring. There is nothing new there to grab your interest any more.

Boredom is a sign of pride. You are looking for something for yourself!

The key to unlock passion in love is to be a giver. You love someone; give yourself away to that person. Do what honors the person you love. What do you need for yourself, anyway? Think about it. In those early days, if your love was genuine, all you wanted to do was what served the other person best. We are created to be givers, not takers. Our fulfillment is in giving and serving. How this works is that by giving, we receive what we truly need!

What did Jesus do? He gave his life for you. As soon as you knew that, you gave your life to him. He is your greatest love, and the first Person whom you honor and serve. As long as you are seeking to honor and serve Christ, all the passion and joy and overflowing presence of your love keeps welling up new. Trying to recapture old stuff is irrelevant, because what you know now is greater and far better than the feelings with which you began. This love has purpose and deep meaning.  YOU KNOW that because the door to Christ’s love for you is wide open, his love flowing toward you is unhindered. Can you rest a moment and just feel his passion for you; his joy in you?

Christ is the Bridegroom, and we, the church, are his bride. When we first come to Christ, we are excited. We want everyone to know him. Our hearts have changed, and our priorities have changed. Then the daily grind interferes with our romance. We have to start digging deep into God’s Word and praying deep prayers and work at keeping the romance alive by serving the Lord. And many Christians give up, right there. It’s too hard, and too much, and they start thinking Christ doesn’t deliver what they expect, so never mind. But Jesus does deliver! You still know that, buried under the self-pity.

Christ does not let you go. There comes a point when you desperately want your relationship with him to be restored. What can you do? Communicate.  Give him yourself. Pour everything you have been holding back out to him. Give, give, give. Tell him what is good. tell him what is bad and rotten. Feel his tender, forgiving arms come around you. You love each other; now go on from here.


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