Daily Trouble, Daily Prayer

There is an old favorite hymn which sings: Oh, what peace we often forfeit/ Oh, what needless pain we bear/ All because we do not carry/ Everything to God in prayer. This words are so very, very true that you can build your prayer life around what they say. Great wisdom, handed on to us by someone who had discovered the power and peace of giving everything over to the Lord. Jesus Christ is our very best friend. He listens to everything, and never turns away from anything you might say to him. If you will be quiet, then, and pay attention, he will sort out your thoughts for you and show you what pain you must accept and what pain you must ditch as fruitless. When he shows you that a particular pain or burden is for you, he has a purpose in mind to bring goodness for you from it, and when you turn that burden right back over to him, he receives honor and glory for that. You will receive the patient endurance you long for so that your pain does not trouble you unnecessarily. Jesus has promised that he comes up under the yoke to carry the burden, and he gets the heavy side.

Every day, there is something to trouble us on this earth; war, famine, finances, false people and relationships, wrong emotions, too many things to name. Jesus used to get up early and go up into the hillsides to pray, and he would come back to the crowds all trying to grab a piece of him, and he was able to go about his Father’s business, even to death on the cross.

This information is not new to anyone who has walked with the Lord at all, yet we need reminding daily to seek him daily, for we are weak and fickle, and we forfeit our peace just being too busy. Set a goal to no longer insult your Savior and Creator by ignoring him when he has promised to take care of everything.



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2 responses to “Daily Trouble, Daily Prayer

  1. I have asked God

    I have asked God to take away my pride, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “Pride cannot be taken away, you have to deny it.”

    I have asked God to heal me, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “Your soul is in safety, but your body will die anyway.”

    I have asked God to give me patience, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “Patience comes with a result of tests. It is not given, it is deserved.

    I have asked God to give me happiness, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “I give blessings, but will you be happy depends on you.”

    I have asked God to save me from pain, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “Sufferings take you away from worldly cares and approach you to Me.”

    I have asked God that my spirit grow, and God told me “No”.
    He said, “A spirit should be growing, it is a process.”

    I have asked God to help me to love others like He loves me, and God told me, “At last you understood what is necessary to ask.”

    I asked strengths, and God has sent me trials to test me. I asked wisdom, and God has sent me problems which I have to overcome. I asked courage, and God has sent me dangers. I asked love, and God has sent me unfortunate people that need my help. I asked blessings, and God has given me opportunities.

    I have not received anything I asked.
    I have received everything I need, the necessary.
    God has heeded my prayers.

    Happiness keeps us Sweet,
    Trials keep us Strong,
    Sorrows keep us Human, Failures keep us Humble,
    Success keeps us Glowing,
    But Only God keeps us Going

    We are so special!
    That’s why He treats us in a special way.

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