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Thinking of You

Jesus told his disciples to watch and pray, lest they enter into temptation. Do what?

Just what he said. If something comes up in your mind that captures your attention, you need to know whether the thought is from the Lord. If it is not from the Lord, it will be from your own “flesh” or from the devil. If it is not from the Lord, you will fall into temptation if you entertain the thought. Some people sooner, and some people later, but in the end, we can rationalize anything. Temptation unchecked always leads to sin. Always.

Here is wisdom: keep clear of even the tiniest deception. Do not listen to yourself. Listen to God. Why do you think he told us to continuously renew our minds, washing them clean by the water of his Word? We can trust God and we can trust His Word.

A person who has his mind renewed by God’s Word will withstand temptation thoughts better than anyone else. Practice! It gets easier and easier to recognize them and reject them quickly. The Bible actually says to take every thought captive to Christ – EVERY thought. Obviously, he knows how hard it is to stay away from wrong thinking. He is always willing to put us in his power to turn the thoughts over to him; remember, he already knows whether you should keep the thought or not. Pay attention! Hear what he says about it. Think or not think accordingly.

It isn’t too difficult to tell a wrong thought to STOP IT: GO AWAY. And this gets easier with practice. How about assigning yourself a task? For the next week, every time you think about another person (including daydreams!), breathe this prayer; “Lord, show me the truth of this matter.” It will take some effort to not just mosey on, but to stay still to listen for an answer. But you can do it! Then, If you are thinking of that person from love, say a thank you prayer. If you are thinking of that person from any other position, reject the thought.

What is Jesus thinking about? Actually, he is thinking about you. This very moment. Always and continuously. He knows you initmately. Return the favor and seek him out. He’s the best of the best. The greatest and mightiest. The most loving and caring. He has your good in mind all the time.

If you are thinking about Jesus, it will be exceedingly difficult to think of any other person in the wrong way. 🙂


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