Daily Archives: August 1, 2008

Watch and Pray

Sometimes you are in a situation where the pressure against you never lets up. You are tyrannized, lied to, oppressed, lied ABOUT and other people are constantly being tricked into acting against you.

You realize what is happening, but your oppressors are so sneaky that you can’t expose them. You can say what they are doing, but no one will believe you. Ever felt like that? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then you are simply experiencing what he experienced! It is the age-old spiritual battle. Good versus evil. God is Good, and the enemy is always satan and his minions, and the people they control.

Run to Jesus for safety; he is the most fortified tower in the field of battle. No one can break through. Ever. His pennant will always fly high above the tower. From your vantage point in Christ, you can survey the whole battlefield and see exactly what is going on. As your supreme commander, Jesus will teach you exactly how each combat is won, and he will lead you through every trial. Sometimes your job will be simply to observe the field and pray for those upon it. God will tell you when this is your most effective way of fighting evil.

Jumping in, shouting, is usually the least effective fight. Draw near to the Lord, and he draws near to you, and he leads, and you follow. Learn first, and pray, and then receive your commission for Christ’s army. His flying pennant is yours when he is your citadel.



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