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Agree With God

If you will go find your Holy Bible, dust it off, and read the book of Romans in the New Testament section, you will come to a statement that says ALL have sinned and missed God’s glory. That means every person falls short. Only One Person ever lived perfect on earth, and that is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. He never lied, never had stinkin’ thinkin’ against God, never rationalized anything – that is something to imagine, isn’t it?

Well, Jesus, perfect Man and Son of God made it possible for us to do more than imagine what it is like to be holy and often even go long periods of time without obvious sin. When you have faith that Jesus has done this by dying on a cross as perfect sacrifice for our sin, you can express your faith to him and ask forgiveness. He always forgives the one who comes to him in faith that he will save you.

There is something God wants you to do – agree with him that you are a sinner, that is, that you have done wrong things that God does not want you to do. This agreement is called “confession.” You don’t need a human person living on earth now to confess to. You only need to tell God himself. Tell him that you believe him about your wrongdoing, and that you are turning away from that life now. Turning away from sin is called “repentance.” God will give you a brand new life in Christ Jesus so that you CAN totally turn away.

Think about this – people don’t really like themselves much. Always trying to measure up to something that turns out to be a phantom. Our culture tells us that truth is relative to experience, which isn’t true, and impossible to live with because we need a definite code to live by. Not multiple codes that keep changing. With God, you only have to change your mind once, and that is to ask him to change your heart so you can know what real truth is, and have a new life. Your new life is in Christ, who is the OneĀ  Way, the Truth, and the Life. Follow him. He’ll show the right way to go all the time, and it will be good! He loves you, and by soaking in his love, you will come to love yourself, and that will in turn flow out of you to other people. You have friends and family who are as confused as you are. When you know Jesus for real, you can help others find him, too. And that’s the best joy in your new life of all.


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