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Dominion and Surrender

God has said most specifically that it is mankind’s work and privilege to care for the earth and all created things. To plant and water and harvest good food, and to care for the animals, especially. This dominion is for our benefit.

However, there is a war going on over the earth that we cannot see. There is satan, a fallen angel, and his host of demons who oppose the will of God, and satan’s place of opposition is the earth. He is known also as the prince of power of the air. A spiritual being working constantly against man to keep all men and women and children from knowing God’s love and grace if he can. Satan is the father of lies. If he can distract you from God, he will, making it very, very hard for man to take care of creation and live from its fruit. One of satan’s big lies is distracting us so much we forget what we are even up against and give in to despair.

IS it possible, then to obey God when this powerful enemy is waging a war we cannot even see?

Yes. It is totally possible. God has provided for his children to know that we know we have the ultimate weapon against the enemies of God. We have the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Call upon his Name and receive everything you need for life and godliness.

The Way God has made to obey him is Jesus Christ.

Today, put away your to-do list and tell the Lord every little thing and ask for his help. You will know you are fully surrendered when the distractions fade, your thinking clears up, and the peace that passes understanding wells up in you.

Need a place to begin? Psalm 8, then Romans 12:1-2. When you turn to God and give everything back to him, especially what he has already given to you, that is worship, and that is where every victory is.

Be faithful to Christ and press on.


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