God Is In Control

Today is a rainy, cool day of summer. Just the kind of day to recline on a proch swing and read a great book.

What book would you choose to read? Science fiction or fantasy? Biography? Mystery or thriller? How about God’s Word, aka the Holy Bible?

For starters, if you don’t have a Bible, but you do have the internet, just go to a search engine and find one on line to read. There are many available. Unless you have a portable internet device, you won’t be able to hang out in that swing, but you are on line anyway, so why not give it s shot?

Begin with the Gospel of John if you are unfamiliar with God’s Word.

Oh yes; before you read,  ask God to help you understand what you are reading. Seriously – he will definitely answer your request in the positive. He promises to do whatever we ask when it is his will for that to happen. Really, when you get to know him better, you’ll be glad you trusted him for understanding.

Enjoy your day!


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